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Large and small, publishers bring together all the necessary skills and tools to turn a manuscript into a marketable book.

What The Hell is a Lulu Print API?!

Lulu, the pioneer in independent publishing, today announced the release of the Lulu Print API, a business-to-business service allowing users to tap into Lulu’s extensive global print on demand network to fulfill their book printing needs.

European CEO: Authors of their own destiny: writers shun the ‘big five’ publishers

Digital books turned the industry upside down, but the revolution hasn’t stopped yet. There’s more change to come, and it could make traditional publishing houses tremble

Indies Unlimited: Self-Publishing Book Expo 2014 Wrap-Up

What a difference a year makes. New York’s Self-Publishing Book Expo, now entering its sixth year, has followed alongside the evolution of indie publishing, more or less.

Publisher’s Weekly: Evolving with the Industry

A recent analysis by Bowker, whose Identifier Services is the official U.S. ISBN agency, found that the number of ISBNs associated with self-published books climbed 437% between 2008 and 2013.

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